• One of the few attorneys/firms I've ever dealt with that is proactive and timely with updates and conducts themself with integrity and class.
    Highly professional, compassionate, fair, and timely with updates. They communicate directly and clearly. One of the few attorneys/firms I've ever dealt with that is proactive and timely with updates and conducts themself with integrity and class. In the realm of family law, I'm not sure there is anyone I'd trust more than Christiana Hollwarth.

    - Jeremiah

  • Very friendly and helpful!
    Very friendly and helpful! A+ in my book.

    - Fred

  • Christina is my newfound champion and a formidable heroine in the East Texas landscape of lawyers.
    Christina Hollwarth, straightforward, honest and a grand sense of humor right when you need it. Morality and undeniable integrity, along with pure, true faith in the justice system round out the Hollwarth Law Firm. Christina is my newfound champion and a formidable heroine in the East Texas landscape of lawyers.

    - kc

    Longview, TX
  • She is reasonable, smart, straight-forward, caring, family-oriented, professional and very talented.
    I have nothing but the highest praise and recommendation for Christina Hollwarth and her entire firm! She and her team successfully handled my divorce in a top notch manner. Christina provided excellent guidance in a time in life that was complicated, difficult and emotional. I was very pleased with all outcomes. She is reasonable, smart, straight-forward, caring, family-oriented, professional and very talented. Look no further for an attorney with supporting firm that will work for your benefit.

    - Kelly

  • Would I recommend Ms. Hollwarth as an attorney? Absolutely without reservation.
    I needed a simple divorce, and I needed representation that could take care of both parties to keep it simple. Ms. Hollwarth not only kept it simple, but in addition to that she was able to keep us informed, and make the overall process very simple. In this day and age it seems like good service is hard to find, and you have to almost be a professional to dig deep enough to find it anywhere. Ms. Hollwarth kept her word, was very friendly and courteous, and was able to get the process handled in a timely manner. Would I recommend Ms. Hollwarth as an attorney? Absolutely without reservation, and I would personally hire her again. Having dealt with attorneys in other very different circumstances, I feel like the most important thing to note about Ms. Hollwarth’s practice is that she is local, very familiar with the local judges and courts, and able to ascertain whatever is needed to get the issue resolved quickly.

    - Blake

  • She is extremely rational and fair & makes sure the truth is known.
    I cannot say enough positive remarks for Mrs. Christina Hollwarth. She will never understand the full effect she has had on my life & loved ones, and I am eternally grateful for her expertise & care for my case. She not only exceeded my personal expectations but went far and beyond to make sure my own case was handled in a very professional & timely matter. Any questions or concerns I had, she was able to answer extremely competently & thoroughly. Her sense of immaculate detail & making sure every corner of information was processed was such a relief. Lawyers often all get grouped together as greedy, scandalous, soulless tyrants who prey on the emotions of the vulnerable. To some, it is all about the “paycheck”. This couldn’t be FARTHER from the truth with Mrs. Hollwarth. She was more personable & warm than an attorney “has” to be, and worked very hard at making sure things were made right for my personal situation. Christina has an extensive knowledge of the law, making sure she follows all the right steps one needs to make sure things get taken care of! She actually cares about her clients & their sensitive & personal situations, and will not do something she feels is “immoral” or “wrong”. You don’t need to play “dirty” if you have an attorney like her because she is extremely rational and fair & makes sure the truth is known. When it comes to children, she is a voice to the voiceless..a legal protector & advocator of justice! Her overall extensive knowledge,sensitivity & driven personality is what makes her the excellent choice of a lawyer she is. I don’t ever expect to need an attorney in the future, but if I ever do, I know who to call! Don’t pass on this one if you need justice in your life, or the life of a loved one.You will not regret it!!!

    - Angela

  • I cannot say enough good about her.
    I would highly recommend Mrs. Hollwarth as an extremely capable attorney. I have been a long term client and have many times been in awe of how well she handled a situation. She remains in constant contact and makes herself readily available even outside of business hours if need be. She commands respect in the courtroom and is a very highly respected attorney amongst other attorneys. She never makes unreal promises and makes a point to never promise what she cannot deliver. I will continue to use her and would highly recommend her to any person needing representation. She has proven herself over and over and I respect her greatly. I cannot say enough good about her.

    - Christian

  • Mrs. Hollwarth would be the first person I would call.
    I hired Mrs. Hollwarth in March of 2011 to represent me in my divorce case and I actually just rehired her this month to assist with enforcing visitation, child support and other contempt issues I am currently having. You can believe me when I tell you; I would never rehire someone that I was not completely satisfied with initially! I cannot possibly say enough to adequately express my appreciation for Mrs. Hollwarth’s representation of me, or my jubilation about the outcome. I am a father of two young children (both under 8 years old) with the assistance, diligence and unrelenting efforts of Mrs. Hollwarth I was awarded custody of them! As we all know, this is virtually unheard of for a father in Texas. My case went on for over a year and a half, mainly because of extremely malicious accusations that were made against me by my ex. During that time Mrs. Hollwarth and I amassed such a strong case against the opposition that, for all intents and purposes, they waived the white flag of defeat at the final hearing prior to the case even going before the judge. I must say, it was a wonderful feeling to know that the other side was beaten so badly that they threw in the towel before the fight! It’s been said before, attorneys don’t like to lose. But when one gives-up on “the big day” you can rest assured they knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they did not have a leg to stand on! That being said, I am obviously 100% confident that we would have prevailed even if the case had been heard by the judge. I can honestly say that I always felt Mrs. Hollwarth had my best interest in mind and although she did not technically represent my children I never questioned that she had a genuine concern for their wellbeing also. Mrs. Hollwarth is a truly caring and knowledgeable professional. In a world that seems to be driven solely by the almighty dollar, rather than a compassion for “the little people”, it’s nice to know that people like Mrs. Hollwarth still exist and are there to help when help is needed. I have no intention of ever needing an attorney for this type of circumstance again, but if a situation arose, even though I no longer live in East Texas, Mrs. Hollwarth would be the first person I would call.

    - Jeremy

  • Her fees are VERY reasonable, and she cares.
    Prior to consulting with Christina, I had gone to another lawyer in town (free consultation) who asked me 3 questions, didn’t want to hear what I had to say, then spit out an outrageous rate for me to pay him. Paying Christina’s consultation fee was WELL worth the money, she actually listened and was truly interested in helping me. She made phone calls on the issue while i sat in her office, then got back with me on how we would proceed. My case involved a divorce that was out of state and a bit complicated. I got everything I wanted in the proceedings which was what was best for my kids (thank you God!). Her fees are VERY reasonable, and she cares. I would definitely use her again! So glad i didn’t get suckered into using that other guy!

    - Jennifer

    Christina Hollwarth took our case to help us fight for our daughter. This process was long, exhausting and very emotional. Christina and her firm was not only there for us but she was there for our daughter and her best interest. Christina handled our case with dignity, love and class. Christina and her firm prepared us for each hearing. They took the time to be compassionate and professional. When Christina handles a case she gives her complete self. I have never felt so comfortable in putting my family’s future in someone’s hands. She is very thorough and I am amazed at the attention she gives to every detail. As we prepared for our hearings I will never forget the ease that fell over our hearts watching her fight for us in the courtroom. Although at times the fight seemed tough and we wanted the very best for our daughter… We always truly felt the compassion and care Christina had for our daughter. To have Christina Hollwarth fighting for you in your corner is like having the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders. She has an abundant amount of resources to help with your case. When our case became complicated she exhibited grace, compassion, and a trustworthy heart that made us feel at ease. Four years later we have our family complete because of Christina Hollwarth and her firm. I highly encourage you to take the time to visit with her when looking for help with what family troubles you are facing in your life. There are so many words we could use to describe our experience with the Hollwarth law firm but if we had to choose just one it would be COMPASSION! Thank you Hollwarth law firm for all the hard work and love you pour over the lives you touch.

    - Royce

  • This isn’t just a job for her, Its her passion.
    I wish we lived in a world where children’s best interest could be kept out of the court system, but as in our case, sometimes it’s a must. We hired Christina this past April and we could not have asked for a more hard working Attorney. This isn’t just a job for her, Its her passion. Your case is just as important to her as her others. She worked around the clock for us and stayed in touch along every step of the way. Being in court is a scary thing when your babies future is at stake, but with Christina by your side, She makes the process as easy as possible. I totally recommend her with any of your future custody needs. She loves your babies and works for what’s best for them!

    - Melanie

  • Highly recommend.
    Our family needed an attorney to help us navigate shifting custody from parents to aunt/uncle. Mrs. Hollwarth and her staff were speedy, sincere, and highly effective communicators. I live 4,000 miles away from them but that was not a problem at all. Our family had a mutually agreed upon custody issue so there was not battle but her staff was sensitive to each person involved and accommodated the various issues of time. A year later, I found myself needing to take custody of my nephew and I didn’t hesitate to use their services. She remembered our situation and provided the same excellent service. I find Mrs. Hollwarth to be extremely sincere and honorable. Although all my dealings with her were via phone or email, I know her to be compassionate and thorough in her services. Highly recommend

    - Christina

  • She is loyal and truly wants what is best for her clients.
    Mrs. Hollwarth and her staff were top notch from our first consultation to our last hearing date. She listened and gave recommendations to tough questions, and also gave honest opinions, even when the answers to my questions were not the easiest for me to hear. She is loyal and truly wants what is best for her clients, and I would recommend her and her staff to anyone dealing with family law.

    - Cody

  • By far the best.
    I would highly recommend Christina Hollwarth for all your family law needs. My ex-wife was taking me back to court over fraudulent issues. When I went in for the initial consultation Christina listen to what I had to say and took the case head on. She is very professional and will definitely tell you how it is. If you don’t want someone that will be honest and up front with you on issues then she might not be for you. She is honest and trustworthy in all aspects of her profession, she answer’s e-mails and phone calls in a professional and timely manner. As a loving and caring Dad, I trusted her with one of the most important things in my life, which is my daughter. Christina also has a wonderful staff that is very knowledgeable and helpful with any and all situations. I attribute that to not only the good people that work for her but for her sense of hiring the right people to work for her firm. She is the third family law attorney that I have had to hire over the past 10 years in the Longview Area and is by far the best. No one wins in a divorce with children or child custody issues. I was very grateful and pleased with how Christina and her staff helped me through these issues. We did end up settling prior to court which was in the best interest of my daughter but Christina kept me informed with the issues and what to expect if we ended up going to court. If I were to need another family lawyer in the future Christina Hollwarth would be my first choice and I highly recommend her to anyone.

    - Former Client

  • I would absolutely recommend her!
    Christina is warm and compassionate yet vigilant and shrewd! I would absolutely recommend her!

    - Courtney K.

  • I highly recommend her!
    Christina is a compassionate and zealous advocate for her clients. I highly recommend her!

    - Lisa L.

  • I would hire her over and over.
    Best attorney around. She never leaves a page unturned in a case. She has a lot of knowledge when it comes to family law. But most importantly she has integrity, which is something that is rare to find in an attorney. I would hire her over and over. She is worth every penny.

    - Mike B.

  • Above and beyond.
    Christina Hollwarth is a rockstar in and out of the courtroom. Full of knowledge and compassion and gets the job done. She and her amazing staff answered all my questions and went above and beyond to help my family.

    - Sarah P.

  • She's smart, professional, and a fighter.
    Awesome attorney with a good heart; she's smart, professional, and a fighter

    - Betsy B.