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Compassionate Mediation & Litigation for Difficult Situations

Divorce can be tense and conflicts of interest can slow the process. If your spouse attempts to make decisions you disagree with – like claiming your property as their own or seeking a possession schedule that is not in the best interest of children – The Hollwarth Law Firm can step in. Our Longview divorce attorney will represent you in court and aggressively advocate not only for your best interests but for the best interests of your children.

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Representation with a Focus on Children

At The Hollwarth Law Firm, we make your children a top priority. In most cases, the court will ensure that both parents are able to enjoy significant quality time with the children. If there is a history of abuse, one parent may be restricted to visitations. If you are concerned about your spouse’s ability to parent your children, we can fight to help you protect your children.

The law also designates child support according to the net income of the paying parent. Child support ends when a child turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever occurs later.

Dividing Property in a Divorce

In Texas, marital property is divided in a fair, just, and equitable manner. Generally speaking, each spouse will walk away with 50% of the community estate. This can get complicated when spouses disagree about what they want to take with them.

Common property debates in divorce include:

  • The house
  • Vehicles
  • Valuable collections
  • Investments
  • Insurances
  • Family pets
  • 401ks
  • Other items of significant value

Community property excludes either party’s separate property. Separate property is the property each party had coming into the marriage, any property received by gift or inheritance during the marriage, and certain personal injury settlements. The courts will almost always require mediation before hearing a final contested property issue, and we strongly believe in the benefits of mediation. In some cases, though, a judge must make the final orders when compromises cannot be reached. In such situation, we will do our best to argue for a property division that is fair and in line with our client’s desires, as well as seeking to have all premarital agreements followed.

The Importance of a Lawyer in Contested Divorce Cases

When a divorce is filled with tension and disagreements, emotions can run high. You may be caught up in the frustrating terms and insulting accusations, but an experienced, professional third party can provide a degree of clarity and civility when talking through these matters. Should your dispute go to court, our Longview divorce lawyer can inform you of your rights and represent you in a manner that prioritizes you and your children’s well-being.

Whether you need a mediator or a litigator for a divorce in East Texas, call The Hollwarth Law Firm at (903) 234-0711.

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