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Child Protective Services (CPS), created by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, is designed to make sure families and children are safe and have stable lifestyles. Unfortunately, in service of this end goal, CPS can strip children from their parents over misunderstandings or mistakes.

Reuniting families after this occurs can be difficult.

If the state of Texas has unjustly become involved in your family, you need to immediately seek the aid of our Child Protective Services (CPS) attorney in Longview.

When you have been inappropriately accused, you and your children could face the consequences of separation. In this time of need, turn to The Hollwarth Law Firm, PLLC for compassionate but aggressive defense against CPS, so you can truly keep your children safe.

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The Investigation Process

Normally, CPS will not be drawn to investigate your family unless someone has brought forth an accusation.

Tragically, our clients have too often discovered that a vindictive ex-partner, neighbor, or even family member ends up being the false accuser.

No matter who the accuser is, however, you will need to take rapid action to get ready for the investigation.

The order of events following an accusation include a registered report by the CPS to start an investigation, in addition to a police report.

In the next 24 hours, CPS will begin the process of:

  • Conducting interviews – A caseworker will either come to your home or call you to interview anyone involved, or anyone who could serve as the witness. This includes the child's parents and any other family members, as well as the child or children themselves.
  • Holding health examinations – A caseworker will often attempt to get your child to take medical or psychological tests to see whether they have been neglected or abused.
  • Collecting explanations – To complete the report, a caseworker must account for the allegations that have been made against you, which usually happens a day after the interviews. This is the point in time where you must also clarify or explain the contexts or circumstances of physical injuries, emotional health, or any apparent safety concerns that were cited in the accusation.

Adversary Hearings

Should the worst scenario happen and your child is taken away from you, remember that you will have the chance to fight for their return at the adversary hearings.

Contrary to popular assumptions, CPS has the burden of proof to show that your children actually are at risk if they go home with you. If you have carefully documented all your interactions with CPS, our skilled lawyer can use this to prove how the investigation is inaccurate and unjust.

We know how difficult it is to stay calm in such an emotional situation. However, by keeping a level head through the challenges, your testimony can be an even greater assurance of your ability to take care of your children.

Preparing for Investigations & Hearings with Our Dedicated Lawyer

The moment you have a suspicion that Child Protective Services is trying to investigate your family, you need to act quickly. Your first course of action should be to contact our knowledgeable CPS defense lawyer practicing family law in Longview at The Hollwarth Law Firm, PLLC.

Usually, CPS will require an emergency hearing in three days or an adversary hearing at a maximum of two weeks, so time is of the essence.

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