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Couple during mediationAttorney Christina Hollwarth is specially trained and thoroughly experienced in the process of mediation for civil cases, Child Protective Services cases, and family law cases in Longview, TX.

In Texas, most individuals in contested family law situations—such as a divorce or a custody case where parents cannot agree on child-related issues—will be required by the court to attend mediation in order to attempt to resolve the disputed issues before going to court. As a trained mediator, Christina understands the ins and outs of the mediation process and can guide her clients through each step of the process.

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What Is Mediation?

Essentially, mediation involves a neutral third party. This person is trained in aiding couples through the divorce process and encourages them to come to their own resolutions. If conversations get too heated or one person’s attitude becomes inflexible, it’s the mediator’s job to shift everyone’s perspective back to that of compromise and agreeability.

If you need mediation services for a family law situation, The Hollwarth Law Firm can help. Christina can be appointed by the Court to serve as a mediator or attorneys representing parties can agree to use her services. In either event, we will work with the Court and the involved parties to set a time for everyone to work together to bring your case to an agreeable resolution.

The Mediation Process

MediationMediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) whereby a trained, neutral third party such as The Hollwarth Law Firm will facilitate discussion and guide couples toward a fair and reasonable settlement that both parties can agree on. Rather than each party simply stating their case in court and working solely to achieve their own goals—generally a contentious and costly process—mediation provides an opportunity for parties to hear one another out, recognize each other’s positions, and attempt to compromise.

After gaining a clear understanding of the issues involved, the mediator will go back and forth with settlement arrangements until an agreement is obtained. This is called a Mediated Settlement Agreement and is a legally binding document.

The mediator will meet with each party to help them achieve an equitable resolution to the disputed aspects of their case. Any solution that the parties can agree on is superior to a resolution the court can provide because the parties have a complete understanding of all of the issues and a vested interest in their post-lawsuit relationship. The mediator does not provide legal advice but remains neutral and helps each party understand the decisions that must be made and the implications of those decisions. Ultimately, the mediator assists in promoting healthy and effective communication regarding the disputed issues.

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Benefits of Mediation

When most people think about divorce, they imagine an ugly battle playing out between two disenchanted spouses in a courtroom—but it doesn’t have to be this way! There are alternative ways to obtain a divorce besides litigation, one of the most common of which is the mediation process. Below we have outlined four key benefits to employing this process for your divorce.

  1. Control - When you get divorced, it feels like there is a never ending list of things that must be decided. The longer you are married, the more your life becomes intertwined with that of your spouse, and the more challenging it will be to detangle that web. Decisions must be made regarding your assets, your debts, child custody, visitation, potential child or spousal support payments, and more. Ask yourself, would you rather leave these major life decisions up to a court, or would you rather have control over the outcome? The mediation process provides couples with explicit control over the various issues that must be decided, and more freedom to develop creative solutions that may be unique to their situation.
  2. Efficiency - By virtue of a less formal process and structure, most mediation results in a much more efficient divorce process. You will have more flexibility in scheduling mediation meetings since you will not need to fit them into an already crowded court docket. Additionally, as opposed to complicated litigation, mediation encourages couples to work together to resolve the various issues that must be decided in their divorce. Two people working together to achieve a resolution is almost always much faster than two people working against each other’s interests. And best of all, efficiency almost always results in better cost-effectiveness. To put it simply, the faster your divorce is resolved, the cheaper it will usually be.
  3. Privacy - One of the main drawbacks to taking a case to court is that you will essentially be required to air all of your dirty laundry. Divorces are intensely personal and emotional situations, and few people want the details of their marital strife to be open to the public—and court hearings are usually public record. Mediation affords you the opportunity to end your marriage in a safe, confidential environment.
  4. Children - All three of the aforementioned points generally result in better outcomes for your children. Mediation helps shield them from much of the ugliness that can occur in a litigated divorce. Additionally, the less adversarial nature of mediation sets the foundation for better co-parenting and cooperation between parents following their divorce, which is widely recognized as being a key component of helping children cope and adjust to the major changes occurring in their life.

Mediation is not perfect for every divorce, but for those who are able to utilize this process, there are many important benefits.

Count on The Hollwarth Law Firm for Your Divorce Mediation

Your mediator is not there to take sides or judge the situation. All too often, people will take their frustrations out on the mediator when really they are upset at their soon to be ex. Here is where the training and experience of your mediator will shine; he or she will be able to direct you back to a place of amicability and negotiation.

If you are in need of a trained mediator in Longview to assist you with the process of civil law, family law, or CPS mediation, count on The Hollwarth Law Firm. Attorney Christina Hollwarth can help you achieve a better resolution of your dispute.

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