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Alimony paymentSpousal maintenance and alimony are payments one spouse makes to another to provide financial support following a divorce. Such payments are generally distributed over a period of months or years. While the Court can order spousal maintenance, alimony is contractual in nature and must be agreed-upon by the parties. To ensure that you and your family are financially protected after a divorce, count on the East Texas alimony attorney at The Hollwarth Law Firm.

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Are You Entitled to Spousal Maintenance?

Spousal maintenance is not automatically awarded. Individuals who are expected to be financially stable and independent after a divorce may not receive payments.

The court is more inclined to award spousal maintenance if:

  • You were married to your spouse for 10 years or more and are unable to earn an income that meets basic needs and the division of community property is insufficient to meet your minimum needs
  • You have a physical or mental disability that renders you unable to provide for your family
  • You will be the primary custodian of a child with physical or mental disabilities, hindering you from earning an acceptable income
  • You or your child are a victim of spousal abuse and the abuse occurred within two years of the divorce filing

With a Longview divorce attorney on your side, you are better positioned to obtain a favorable resolution in your spousal maintenance dispute.

How We Advocate for Post-Divorce Support

Because the courts are often hesitant to order spousal maintenance and alimony is a contractual agreement, it is important to hire an experienced attorney. At The Hollwarth Law Firm, Christina gives her clients personalized attention. We are devoted to tailoring our service to your unique situation.

We may be able to argue for spousal maintenance based on:

  • The duration of your marriage
  • Any financial contributions you brought to the marriage
  • Your spouse’s recklessness or misuse of marital funds
  • Any money you provided to further your spouse’s education or earning ability
  • Your role as a homemaker during your marriage
  • Your education level and occupational skill set

You will need to prove that you have tried to secure a job and make ends meet financially before the court will consider awarding spousal maintenance.

In Texas, laws prohibit spousal maintenance payments that exceed 20% of the paying spouse’s average gross monthly income or $5,000 per month, whichever is less. We will do our best to negotiate an amount that is fair and satisfactory on your behalf.

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