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Your divorce decree is not always set in stone. However, if you want to make changes, it is very important to get an attorney involved. Keep in mind that you cannot act independently of the divorce decree. You must obtain legal permission before discontinuing spousal maintenance or child support or changing your custody plan. A legal advisor can make sure that you petition your changes correctly and express your desires clearly, as there are very specific court proceedings that must be followed when making these requests. Count on the Longview divorce attorney at The Hollwarth Law Firm if you want to start the process of making changes to your divorce documents

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Why Would I Modify My Divorce Agreement?

Circumstances may have changed since your divorce. What a judge deemed ideal at the time of the separation may be irrelevant now. It is important to inform the court of any significant life changes and request modifications that better fit your present-day situation.

You may want to modify your divorce agreement if:

  • You have experienced a dramatic change in financial circumstances
  • You are hoping to move out of the geographic restriction imposed by the decree and want to change your possession schedule
  • You are concerned about your child’s relationship with the other parent
  • Your schedule has changed and you need to alter your possession schedule
  • Your children’s schedules or needs have changed and you need to alter your possession schedule
  • Another material and substantial has occurred that warrants revisiting the decree

Our Longview attorney can help you file the proper petition to change a divorce decree or other underlying order. There is specific paperwork for modifying child support, modifying possession schedules, reducing or striking spousal maintenance payments, and more.

Should you and your ex agree on the needed changes, an uncontested modification is often a simple and speedy process; however, when one ex wants a change but the other does not agree, the issue may go to court. It is essential to have professional representation when arguing your side of the case. Our team will work hard to help you fight for a favorable resolution.

Putting Family First

The Hollwarth Law Firm is dedicated to providing family-focused representation. While we will help you achieve what is best for you, doing what is best for your child is our ultimate priority. Serving all of East Texas, our legal team can help ensure that your child’s future remains healthy and bright after any divorce decree modifications.

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