6 Things You Should Take Care of Before a Divorce


The day you decide to file for a divorce can be the start of a very difficult period in your life, and it’s important to try and make it as easy as possible for yourself and your kids. It IS possible, if you ensure that you do the following before you officially file the paperwork:

Find a reliable and trustworthy Texas family law attorney

It’s very important to meet with your attorney to make sure that they are a good fit for you. They will be the one who will be by your side throughout the difficult parts of your divorce, so you want to make sure they are someone you trust and can work with throughout the process. Attorneys all have different approaches and levels of skill, so you need to make sure that your attorney is the perfect fit for you. Being the first attorney who can fit you in for an appointment is rarely a good measuring stick for ensuring they are the right attorney for you and your case.

Get all your financials in order

During a divorce, you may feel like you are drowning underneath a mountain of paperwork. That’s because a divorce is relies heavily on factual documentation. (There’s what you “just know” and there’s what you can prove. These may be two different things.) This is why it’s critical for you to start gathering all your financial documentation. In many cases, a spouse will become spiteful after they’ve been served divorce papers and they may make it very hard to access the necessary documentation (especially if you are sharing various accounts).

Decide what you want in terms of custody

A divorce can get very messy when children are involved—and the children were probably already a big concern for you when you were deciding on getting the divorce. The one thing you need to know is that unless there is an extreme situation, you and your spouse will each have considerable time with and access to the children. Take some time to sit and prepare a draft schedule by taking your working hours and the children’s routine into account, but remember that this is just a draft. It is subject to change depending on how it fits the possession and access laws, as well as how it fits in with how your presiding judge tends to approach these issues.

Sort out your living arrangements

Unless it’s a very amicable divorce, you probably don’t want to stay underneath the same roof as your spouse. In that case, you may be the one who needs to find a place. If you are hoping to stay in the marital property, it is still wise to have a backup plan in case the Court awards temporary use of the home to your spouse. In either event, it is best to contact your divorce attorney for advice before you move out.

Don’t put on your dancing shoes just yet

You might technically be single, and living apart, but don’t live as though you are single before filing for a divorce. Any romantic relations during this period may still classified as adultery. In some cases it can even be seen as wasting the marital assets, which could end up in a judgment stating that you have to reimburse your spouse for those expenses.

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