5 Signs Your Marriage Could Be Headed for Divorce


Society often paints the picture that getting divorced is equated to relationship failure, and that it’s a negative resolution to an unhappy marriage. This stereotype can be far from the truth, as divorce can sometimes be the best outcome for both parties. When your relationship seems completely different than the happy one you used to have, it might be time to evaluate what’s going on and look for clues that signal a divorce might be near. Here are 5 signs your marriage might be on its way toward divorce:

  • You only focus on the negative – At the start of your relationship, there must have been some redeeming factors that made you interested in your partner right? If it seems like those qualities have faded over time, it might just be that you’re only looking at your spouse’s faults. When you can only see the things about them that bother you and their positive qualities have vanished, it might be an indication that you’re not happy anymore.
  • There’s a lot of defensiveness – Having an open mind and taking responsibility for one’s faults is crucial for resolving conflict and maintaining a happy marriage. If arguments arise and neither of you is willing to take the blame, that creates a stalemate situation where things never get solved. Constantly being on the defense can make you miserable, and could be a sign that you should separate.
  • It seems like you’re single – When a marriage stops feeling like a team effort, it can be really frustrating. If you and your spouse both seem to lead separate lives that very rarely intersect with each other, it might work out better for the two of you to divorce. That doesn’t mean there’s animosity involved if this happens; rather, it can be natural for people to grow apart. The important thing is to recognize it if it happens and then make a decision that both people are happy with.
  • You’ve stopped listening – Once conflict becomes the norm in a relationship, one or both parties can have the tendency to just block the other one out. Maybe they are just trying to save themselves from having another dramatic fight or don’t have the emotional capacity to handle it, but whatever the case may be, if you can’t connect with your spouse anymore it might mean a divorce is on the horizon.
  • Respect is nowhere to be found – Many couples can work on their marriage despite extreme differences and come out on the other side in a happier place. But if neither person has respect for the other and the desire to fix things just isn’t present, it’s best to make the decision to divorce before things get worse. There’s no need to stick around in an unhappy relationship if you don’t have to.

Divorce is a serious decision with ramifications that can play out for generations. It is never a decision that should be made lightly, and all too often people give up too early or walk away without really giving reconciliation a chance. Divorce – especially when children are involved – should be a last resort, not a first option.

Nevertheless, reality is that divorce happens every day, and when it happens, all parties should understand the process, have a good grasp on what to expect, and feel confident in their decision to move forward. If you are concerned that divorce may be the next step in your relationship and wonder how the process works and what the ramifications could be, contact The Hollwarth Law Firm today. We can have a candid conversation about your marriage and find out what might be the best path for you to take from a legal perspective.

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