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While no one who gets marries plans on one day getting divorced, it happens to nearly half of all married couples. If you are facing this possibility on the horizon, then do not feel like you are alone and do not be worried. With the professional and caring guidance of The Hollwarth Law Firm and our divorce lawyers in Panola County, you can confidently move forward with your divorce, knowing there is a path to a brighter future ahead of you. From the beginning of your case to the end, we prioritize your best interests, the comfort of your children, and the preservation of your familial relationships whenever possible.

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Help for All Sorts of Divorces in Panola County

Divorces are generally sorted into two broad categories: uncontested and contested. Within an uncontested divorce, the spouse who receives the divorce papers from the other will decide to sign or agree with the divorce decree without the need of making any changes. This is an ideal circumstance, as it means the spouse who started the divorce managed to create a divorce decree that worked for both of them, which saves everyone time, money, and energy.

On the other hand, a contested divorce signifies that there is at least one disagreement between the divorcing spouses. The initial paperwork will not be returned as filed as a result. Spouses in a contested divorce will have to either use mediation or litigation of some sort to conclude their divorce. The good news is you can count on our Panola County divorce lawyers whether your divorce is contested or uncontested. Yes, you only need one law firm for any type of family law dispute.

Key Considerations for Your Divorce Process

Going through a divorce is not simply stating you do not want to be married to your spouse any longer. The world would probably be a much different place if it was that easy! Instead, your divorce has to decide a number of crucial factors and considerations that will directly affect the futures of yourself, your spouse, and any children you share together.

Probably the top four most common concerns in a divorce are:

  • Alimony: The spouse of lesser income may be granted monthly alimony and/or spousal maintenance payments for the duration of the divorce and for a set amount of time after it concludes.
  • Child custody: You and your spouse must decide who gets primary custody of your child. Texas courts tend to want to try to split custody evenly. If you disagree with this notion, then let our child custody lawyers know why and we can construct your case accordingly.
  • Child support: The parent who makes the lesser income of the two will likely receive child support payments to help ensure your children are comfortable after the divorce. Child support is largely dependent on the needs of your child, and so even the primary custodial parent can end up paying child support to the other.
  • Property division: A Texas divorce court will try to split all marital property acquired during your marriage as evenly as possible, unless you can clearly argue against it. Separate property should remain yours, however.

If something that was decided in your divorce ends up causing undue hardship later on, then you can talk to our Panola County divorce lawyers about filing for a modification that sets things right. Courts need to be convinced quite thoroughly that a propose modification is necessary, so this is definitely not a legal process you want to go through on your own.

Kind & Compassionate Legal Help You Can Trust

At The Hollwarth Law Firm, we know that even the simplest of divorce processes can be emotionally taxing. This is why we are truly committed to being not only your legal advocates, but also your shoulder to cry on when you need one the most. Everyone who comes to our Panola County divorce law firm is seen as a friend in need.

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